Autism Awareness Short Course Training

This course aims to improve your knowledge and understanding of autism and will provide an overview of what autism is and how living with autism impacts day-to-day life.

It will also help you with common misunderstandings and provide you with simple strategies to support autistic people.

At the end of the session participants will be able to:

  • Understand about learning disabilities and autism
  • Know the most common types of autism
  • Understand that individuals will have differing experiences of autism
  • Understand approaches that improve wellbeing for people with autism & learning disabilities
  • Understand the roles of carers and others in the support of people with autism and learning disabilities
  • Understand factors influencing communication and interaction with people who have autism and learning disabilities
  • Understand how a person-centred approach encourages positive communication
  • Understand ways of working to ensure that diverse needs are met
  • Key pieces of legislation relating to learning disabilities are
  • Understand what LeDeR is and what it means for individuals with learning difficulties and those working in the care industry

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