iCQ Level 2 Certificate in Mental Health Awareness

The purpose of this Mental Health Awareness qualification is to provide learners with an understanding and awareness of mental health, as well as the common mental health disorders and issues.

This is to help reduce both stigma and discrimination, encouraging people to talk about mental health more openly.

The mental health awareness qualification will provide learners with the ability to apply their knowledge, through recognising and responding to the signs of mental ill health in both themselves and others, as well as being able to offer mental health first aid to those experiencing mental ill health. This is an excellent way to bolster knowledge around mental ill health.

To achieve this qualification, learners must complete all units (14 credits)

  • Understand specific mental health complications
  • Understand the effects of poor mental health on an individual
  • The principles of mental health awareness
  • Understand how to support individual experiencing mental health problems
  • Understand laws and legislation related to mental health

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