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We probably already know the answer, stressed and tired.

We all know what a difficult time the care sector has had of late.

With the impact of staffing shortages and issues not to mention staff morale.

We’re hearing more and more that staffing levels are becoming dangerously low which is having a negative effect on the care that can be provided, as well as the morale of staff, through being overworked and reaching burnout.

This domino effect being instigated by the pandemic has negatively impacted the morale of staff which is having a longer-term effect on every employee’s stress level, which can be leading to a lower level of mental health and wellbeing amongst the workforces.

We hear you ask, “how can we improve this situation?”

Remember ‘Caring People Care for People’ this means we must care for the people that care for others, including ourselves.

Remembering caring for others, can include roles such as construction workers who care for our roads, and retail workers who fill our stores with the everyday necessities we all need, through to our public services who provide much needed assistance within their day-to-day roles.

Therefore, we have to ensure that the mental health and wellbeing is looked after through open discussions, team building and training of all levels of staff.

By ensuring that the workforce is supported through relevant, personal training and their mental health, wellbeing, stress levels and morale are being increased, employers can better look at retaining current staff. Thereby encouraging and building a better workplace which in-turn assists with the recruitment of new staff.

Offer from Occuteach

Having reflected on the above matters of mental health awareness, wellbeing of staff and stress levels across the workforce Occuteach realise how large an issue this is for all employers, and employees across all sectors.

Therefore, for the month of August we are offering a 10% discount on both e-Learning and face-to-face training covering Mental Health Awareness, Wellbeing and Stress courses.

To take up this offer please contact us so that we can discuss the course(s) you require and activate your discount.

New to come

Everyone likes something shiny and new. Well, Occuteach do too.

Keep your eyes peeled on our socials and website for the launch of our brand-new website.

We are working hard with our support team to bring this new easier to read, better to navigate, sharper website to you as soon as it is ready. This will be on a still to be released date in August.


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